Honeycomb 346s

Petals 442s

Specimen 454s

Dancing Leaves 464s

Onion Skin 447s

Zen Flower 466s

Harlequin Circles 459s

Mini Citiscape 376s

Silhouette Script 404s

Cosmic Swirl 156s

Butterflies 291s

Stones Divided 444s

Aspen Tree  252s

City Grid 438s

Mexican Skull 339s

Art Deco Leaves 450s

Coffee Splotch 458s

Love Post 455s

Solid Butterflies 465s

6X6 Stencils: $5.50 each

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS:  Stencils ship free with other items (such as molds). Click the Add to Cart Button below, Adjust QTY for amount of 6X6 stencils you'd like. During your paypal transaction, enter the names of the stencils in the "special instruction" area or send us an e-mail. Example, entering 252s, 450s, 466s, and 437s will order the first row of stencils below. Please note the "special instruction" area usually appears at the very end of the transaction.  For orders of only stencils, we use flat rate shipping (contiguous USA only) and will invoice shipping separate, small envelope for 6X6 is $6.50, large envelope for 12X12 is $14.

Circles in Lines 411s

Live Love Laugh 467s

Peacock Feathers 268s

Texturized 437s

Coral 360s

Retro Burst 439s

Koi Pond 499s

Cornflower 375s