Tie Dye Glass, 1 session, $75

All we can say is that these are addicting because they are so simple and fun. Make a trio of 7" tie dye plates in your favorite colors.

Wednesday October 4 6:30-8pm  *FULL

We LOVE glass, but we also enjoy working in other media. Sometimes I feel that trying something different makes me more inspired for my glasswork or I can even try the technique in a glass version. We've held a couple of private mixed media get togethers and they were so fun we decided to offer a few on select Friday nights! Workshop includes one piece unless noted. Yummy drinks included

Each workshop $25! Registration required (to make sure we have enough supplies)

New Workshops coming summer 2017

Crackle, 2 sessions, $150

Join us as we explore three different style crackle techniques including basic, bubble, and sgraffito crackle. Students will make three bowls (aprox 7") and learn to cut circles using a circle cutter. 

Wednesdays August 16-23  *FULL

Bird Peeps with Guest Artist Lisa Renner *non glass workshop! (but they sure would look great in glass)

$225, Saturday September 16,  Time: 9am-aprox 5pm (optional after class dinner following end of session)

You will pull out all the creative stops in this one day mixed media workshop to make a whimsical little creature called a Bird Peep. These are little bird bodies designed with “human” personas instead of beaks!  Working with polymer clay, inks, paints, wire and other materials you will build your Bird Peep, just bursting with sweetness! 

A rudimentary bird-shaped armature quickly takes flight when you cover it with textured polymer clay and highlight with paints to showcase the detail.  Experiment with the application of alcohol inks, enjoying their translucency, blend-ability and plethora of colors!   They can be combined with other materials available to use in class to achieve a richly layered surface for your bird.

A selection of face molds from the teacher’s personal collection will be available to choose from to use for the face of your Peep.  You will be able to optionally glaze the face or leave it a matte finish.  Your Bird Peep is designed to stand on its own two legs and the finished size will be approximately 4 to 5 inches tall.  You will have the option to give it a sparkly “crown” using beads, and with the hand-formed heart that springs from its chest you will find your Bird Peep simply irresistible.   Please join me and let your creativity soar!

Students will need to bring:
*3-4 small packages of White Premo Polymer clay – I suggest Premo White because the texture of the white is best suited for what we will be doing. I do not recommend Pearl or Translucent because the same effects are not achievable – just check the color on the package carefully when buying. (Condition clay before class:  roll each package into a sheet using the thickest setting of a pasta machine and placed in a plastic bag, each sheet separated by plastic wrap. Search for clay that is squeezable in the package-not too firm!)  *If you are not familiar with “conditioning” clay, there are a lot of free tutorials on line if you google “how to condition polymer clay”. If you do not have a pasta machine you can roll the clay out to an approximate thickness of 1/8” after conditioning using a smooth drinking glass.  
*Chain nose and round nose jewelry pliers
*wire cutters
*gloves and apron
*roll of paper towels

Optional items (but helpful!): pasta machine if you have one (Teacher will bring a couple for class to share), acrylic rod to roll clay,
favorite texture mats or implements (Teacher will bring some to share)

*Call Art Glass Array to register. 50% deposit due at registration, balance due Aug 1. Due to expense of bringing in a guest instructor, refunds are only given if a waitlisted person is able to fill your spot.

The Long and Short of It, 3 sessions, $165

The hint is in the name! Come and unlock the secrets to making this stunning style. Learn and utilize basic coldworking skills on our flat lap grinder for "attention to detail" perfection.

Tuesdays Sept 26-Oct 10 6:30-8:30pm

Garden Stake Tower, 1 session $45

This garden tower stands about two feet tall and is sure to make a statement in your yard. We've welded the stand and will show you how to make the "stained glass" look for this unique piece. 

Monday August 14 6:30-8:30pm *1 spot left

The Coral Bowl:Redefined, 2 sessions, $150

Create a luscious sea-form that takes "the coral bowl look" to new heights. Learn simple ways to alter your design and layout to create openings of various sizes and shapes. Displayed individually, stacked together, or hung on a wall, these pieces are show stoppers! Students will make one bowl (aprox 12").

Mondays October 23-30 6:30-8pm

Girls Night Out: Mixed Media Style!

Such a Drag, 1 session + followup, $225

Based on the principals of volume and glass flow, students will use sheet glass and casting billets to create a unique slab of glass. We will design and assemble our piece in the first session as well as have a coldworking demonstration. After the piece is fired, students will set up an independent time to perfect their edges utilizing the coldworking they learned.

Sunday August 6 11am-3pm

The Glass Wedgie, 2 sessions, $150

Sounds painful but we assure you, it's not. Learn about volume control and glass flow as you create one glass platter (7X15) in this signature glass wedge style .

Wednesdays July 26-August 2 6:30-8:30

Class AND Date

Fuser Friday! 1 session, $15

A special evening for open studio customers. Join us as we treat you to pizza, snacks, and drinks as you work on your independent projects. Lots of fun, laughter, and fusing abounds! Pre-registration and full payment is required. Since this is an open studio event, you must purchase your glass and have taken at least the Fusing Fundamentals class.  

Friday July 28 6-8:45pm

Friday August 25 6-8:45

Beyond Beginner Classes: these classes require taking "Fusing Fundamentals" first 

Beginner Classes:

Double the layer, double the fun, 1 session, $60

.....Double your pleasure, double your fun. This may be the jingle for double mint gum but this class is extra fun so we couldn't resist. We will show you a few different options as you learn to make this double depth 7" piece. (Must have basic glass cutting skills).  

Tuesday May 30 6:30-8:30pm

Fusing Fundamentals:  $145

By far, the most comprehensive class for those interested in fused glass or just beginning. You will make 4 projects as you learn about glass cutting, compatibility, firing schedules, and slumping. You will work with frit, glass powder, stringers, and leave with pieces featuring a variety of techniques such as kiln carving, tack fusing, and full fusing.

Wednesdays Sept 6-27 6:30-8:30pm

Class Registration Policy: Registration requires a $30 deposit (applies to class fee). Cancellations must occur a minimum of 7 days in advance to receive a refund or change deposit to another class. No refund/changes for no call/no show students.

We are sorry but we cannot offer make-up sessions for missed classes.

Register by phone:636-724-0288 or Online through Paypal using Class/Date box on right:

PS: If Paypal acts glitchy and charges you tax or shipping, we'll credit the charge to your class fee.